Why Many African Start-ups Fold-up? Punctuate Company Bridges The Knowledge Gap With Its Launching Event


In celebration of its launch, Punctuate Company bridges the knowledge gap with a Virtual Business Round-table themed, Enhancing Customer Experience: The Present and Future of Branding.

In Nigeria and all of Africa, the SME sector employs more than 80% of the workforce in different economic zones. Yet, the sector’s future is still bleak. The absence of funding and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs in the nation, according to Fikayo Oyewole, team lead of Punctuate, is the cause of this issue. Oyewole further noted that;
This knowledge gap has made the early market booms of so many African start-ups a flash in the pan.”

In response to this concern, the management of Punctuate Company, a public relations firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, marks its launch with the Punctuate Business Roundtable event themed Enhancing Customer Experience: The Present and Future Branding. An event scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 11am via the company’s twitter account is in the company’s effort to try and close this gap by bringing together leading young African business experts and industry leaders in the legal, Fintech, public relations, and talent management sectors.


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