5 interesting ways you can launch your new product

Launching a new product is a big deal for any brand. It’s the culmination of months or even years of hard work, and it’s your chance to make a big impression on potential customers.  But with so many new products being launched daily, it can take time to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where creativity comes in. By thinking outside the box and creating an exciting and memorable launch campaign, you have a higher chance of creating that needed experience for your customers.


Throughout the rest of the article, we’ll share 5 unique methods your brand can use to launch its product or service. They include:


One of the best ways to engage your audience and make your product launch memorable is to tell a story. Stories are easy to remember and can make your customers feel seen, especially when they solve their problems. You can do this in different ways, such as sharing a personal story that made you start it or even creating a fictional character that used your product to improve the quality of their life. 

By creating a storytelling campaign, existing customers can share their positive stories about the brand, and you can use this as a launchpad. This will show that you are putting the customers first and also increase their anticipation for the product. 


If your brand is a fintech company and wants to launch an investment feature after initially only having the savings features, you can use storytelling. You can start by creating comics on social media over some time. You can also make a story video with the experiences of a character who is experiencing financial problems but can finally solve them with your new product. Since your customers can see themselves in that character, they’ll ultimately engage with your product.


Social Media Contests

Organising contests on social media is a tried and tested way to draw attention to your brand. This is because participants will share your brand across social media and even encourage their social media followers to check out your brand. 

Since a juicy incentive comes with it, customers will engage with your product for a chance to win the prize.


You’re a beverage brand planning to launch another flavour. Using a contest, customers will create user-generated content on any social media you choose to stand a chance to win. As they keep posting content, your brand is talked about, and you can ride on this engagement to launch in a big way. 


Product Gamification

One way to keep your product launch memorable is to turn it into a game event that puts customers at the forefront. You can create a trivia or even a treasure hunt in the case of a physical event. By making the launch fun for potential customers, they associate your brand with that image, which can make a difference in the long run. 


If you are a brand with a makeup products line, you can create an online trivia where people sign up and try to answer questions about the brand in record time. The best way to do this is by incorporating a live leaderboard to increase engagement, as everyone loves healthy competition. 

Offer an exclusive experience.

Customers buy a product based on how it makes them feel, and your brand can capitalise on it. When launching your product, you can create different experiences for them to increase excitement and create a place for yourself in the market. They include:

Pop-up shops: you can set up pop-up shops at different physical locations and allow customers to try your product in real time. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and using this method right can help you start well. Another unique way to have a pop-up shop is by creating stands at popular places like train stations, parks or supermarkets where people interact with your product. You can also add a photo booth to these stands, where customers can take pictures and tag our brand on social media.  

Launch event: your brand can generate buzz around its event and make it worthwhile. A fashion brand can create an event where upcoming models get to walk on the runway, and customers get to interact with their favourite fashion influencers. The brand can even give event attendees a special discount on that product, which will likely triple the expected sales.

Personalised experiences can range from product teasers to limited-time discounts or creating an offer for different customers. You can also make specialised offers for loyal followers of a particular influencer, which means they view the product from the lens of their interests.   

Your brand can even create new merchandise and give it out to increase organic word-of-mouth marketing. For example, a food delivery service can give branded t-shirts or tote bags to potential customers as a mobile form of marketing. 


Another creative way to launch a product or service is by collaborating with a similar brand. The partner brand will also bring its audience to your side, and this will increase engagement for both of you. 

The best way to do this is to target indirect competitors and create a product that meets the needs of a broader audience.


An energy drink company launching a new type of drink can collaborate with a sports gear company to appeal to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. They can market the product to their target audience in a way that positions the energy drink as the best choice for customers of the sports gear brand.


Additional tips for brands

  • When launching your product, it’s essential to be culturally sensitive. Be sure to tailor your launch campaign to your target audience and avoid using offensive or insensitive language or imagery.
  • Use social media platforms to the fullest. Social media is a great way to reach a large audience and generate excitement for your product launch. Be sure to post regularly about your product and use relevant hashtags and user-generated products.
  • Make it easy for people to buy your product. Ensure your product is available in different locations so they can purchase it immediately and return for more. 


However you decide to launch your brand, remember to give a memorable experience to your customers. The customer is very important, and putting them first will guarantee a successful launch. Ready to launch your new product? Start here. 


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