Why Your Brand Does (Not) Need “Those People”

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a business owner. You want the best for your business and the best place to start from is building your customer base. As you start doing this, you might get amazing results like many potential buyers, more sales and trust from your existing customers. By now, you’re convinced this is all you need to take your business to the next level. Even if other people tell you to consider other stakeholders for your business’ success, DO NOT listen to them. Here’s why other parties don’t matter when building your brand.



 1. Your brand does not need investments:

Why are you even bothering to find investors for your business? It’s not as if you want to scale up your business quickly or get access to useful contacts that can help your business grow. You can raise funding all alone, no matter how difficult it is. All you need is to find customers who want to buy your product or service, even if they don’t know you exist. You don’t need investors who will ensure your business is thriving and can survive in the long term. If you spend time catering to them, how are you supposed to find more customers? 


 2. You can do it all alone:

Why employ loyal workers when you can take care of every customer by yourself? Forget about marketing, customer service, business management and public relations; you just need paying customers. And even if you have to do all of these, you can still do it alone. By the time you have to handle your social media, manage your finances, organize your orders and attend to complaints, you will not even have time for your amazing customers. Therefore, you absolutely do not need employees for your business. 



3. Your customers don’t place value on how they are treated:

Why should you treat your customers politely, even though they’re spending their hard earned money? You should not pay any attention to hiring a customer service team as it ensures that no previous customer comes back to do business with your brand. There are over 7 billion people in this world, and you can keep getting new customers everyday. Customer service is just a fluff word that will help your business maintain a good reputation and you do not want that.


4. You want your business to close down quickly:

You do not need to think of people like industry regulators while building your brand. After all, it does not matter if your business is not meeting the minimum requirements in your industry. You have customers who are buying your products, and that is enough to function properly. Therefore, you do not need to keep track of industry rules and create relationships with relevant people in your industry. 


5. You want your brand to live in the past:

Why should you create time to keep up with industry trends when you’re so busy putting your customers first? As a business, you do not need to know your competitors because it is not your business. Why should you be familiar with other similar businesses because it will help you perform better? You do not need to stay relevant or improve your services so customers can value your brand. Just keep at what you’re doing. 


6. You don’t need goodwill for your brand

If you’re a business who sells products, it is absolutely unnecessary to pay attention to your physical and online community. You’re here to make money from your business, not to be friendly. Even if you keep getting negative reviews or you are misunderstood by your audience, it doesn’t matter. Your paying customer base is the most important and nothing should convince you otherwise. 


Obviously, no brand can survive by only caring about their customers. Although focusing on your customers is very important, it is clear that you also need to engage other stakeholders properly. Stakeholders such as investors, employees and industry regulators are valuable people that can help your brand grow beyond its current level. By engaging all of them, you gain benefits like a positive brand reputation, a solid business structure and longevity in your industry.

We hope we’ve been able to convince you about the dangers of  making your customers the only priority for your brand. Stakeholder engagement is a continuous process you may need guidance for. Don’t want to make avoidable mistakes? Read in between the lines and get more useful advice for your brand from us.

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